Sunday, May 15, 2016

Let's Read Some Good Books

For book club I recently read AT THE WATERS EDGE. It is by the same author as WATER FOR ELEPHANTS. I've read both books, good reads.
Book club meets Tuesday night and I am anxious to see what the other women say about the book. I know one said she could not get into it.
One, privileged young woman, her husband, and a friend sail over to Scotland during WWII and are hit with a rude awakening. See how this love affair and their lives change. 

Currently I am reading THE CANOPY by Angela Hunt and finished THE AWAKENING also by the same author.
The AWAKENING is about a woman who cares for her invalid mother for 10 years, there is no other family. When he mother passes Aurora Rose learns who is family, like family, and who are her friends. She starts life almost all over, since she has not left the apartment for years. 

I am just getting into the CANOPY, it is a little difficult because it deals with prions, antibodies, bacteria, etc. Not my usual genre. I am sure it will be worth it though. As I was stalking Facebook I noticed this author was recommended by someone, so I am checking her out....I will read more. 

Keep reading!!!


  1. I can't pull off reading more than one novel at a time but I can read fiction and nonfiction, I can't confuse those story lines. lol
    I'm going to pick up the Awakening which sounds a lot like my own life.

  2. Love a good book:). Have a blessed day dear friend. Hugs