Friday, April 4, 2014

Stress, Transitions, With A Little Pride Thrown In

*sigh* April is not starting out any better than March was.........
It's still cold. I don't think we've had one day of average temperatures and very few days of sunshine.
But that's not the worst of things..........even though nicer weather would lift everyone's spirits!
I'm still not what sure what is happening as far as my job goes. In a way I want to work to make some extra money, on the other hand I'll have the opposite schedule of what I have now and that messes with my previous plans. I know the company owners would be understanding because I was planning to be retired and if I do have to work I'll be doing them a favor. That's the least of my worries.....I think.

hail and snow on our deck - April 4

Yesterday was my annual physical. No pap...YES!!!!
But.......I need all kinds of tests done....and what about cholesterol medication? and a pre-diabetes medication? One of the side effects of that one is weight loss (not a bad thing). I have resisted those meds for a couple of years. If I stop to think about it I realize that changing my eating habits could/would lower blood sugars and cholesterol. A little exercise would be a good thing too! Once again I will say that the 'golden years' may not be all they are cracked up to be. 
Hubby's company is closing it's doors on Oct. 1.
Yesterday he came home from work and said "It looks like we'll be moving to Florida". I didn't put much stock in that statement because I KNOW he'd NEVER move, not even for a few years until he retires. The company said they'd make him an offer he couldn't refuse. They don't know him....he's stubborn and selfish and can refuse. What's he going to do then? He's 57. He has to stay where he is until October in order to get the retention package. 
I participated in school activities twice this week with our grandsons. Wednesday was grandparents day. I spent some time in each of the boys classrooms and also brought lunch with them. They are both very bright boys :-)
Last night I picked them up and we went to family math night at the school. We played math games. Considering it was a whole school (6 grades) event they didn't have a big attendance. They enjoyed it. Grandson S won a door prize, he chose a Green Bay Packer poster. When it was over they let everyone else come up and choose something. Of course we had to shop at the book fair...again. Grandson J wanted a pen and a book. I didn't bring enough money for both so he picked out an eraser. 
After we got our jackets on and were on our way out Grandson J says "I have to put this pen back." I'm not sure if he had accidently kept it or was planning on taking it. I'm proud that he knew enough to put it back, I didn't even notice that he still had it.
Also 2 of my other grands nearly made honor roll. As long as they do their best I am very proud.

I've wasted enough time on the computer. Time to get dressed and be off!!! I'll be back later to read your blogs.
Have a good weekend...and if you see the sun send some my way!!!


  1. Can you believe this crappy weather we are having? It just drives me nuts!!!!
    That is scary about your hubby's company. Do you think you actually might end up moving to Florida? That is where I hope to end up eventually- xo Diana

    1. Nope, He will NEVER move out of state. I don't think I can even get him to move out of this house. Change is NOT a word in his vocabulary.

  2. You really have a lot going on right now!