Sunday, April 6, 2014

I'm Ready For Warmer Weather With My Flip Flop Wreath

I saw this wreath (well, one like it) on Facebook or Pinterest and knew I had to make one. I found the flip flops easily enough. Didn't we use to call them thongs? I know I did. 

I know mine isn't as good as the one I saw, but I like it. It certainly adds a lot of color to our white garage with the white truck parked in front of it.
Yes, I did take the snowman wreath off of the fence (that's 6' away).....the neighbors would think I'm schizophrenic if I had flip flops and snowmen next to each other. 
Warmer weather is on the way...let's ENJOY!!!


  1. That is super cute Linda! So bright and cheerful! Great job....:) Have a wonderful Sunday...Vicky

  2. Linda- That is really, really cute! I have NOT seen that before. Very BEACHy keen! xo Diana
    ps. We called them thongs, too-

  3. I can't imagine that the other one could be better than yours! Very nice.

  4. I like your wreath! I was thinking of making one myself. But first, we have to remove the pine wreath!