Saturday, April 12, 2014

3D Cards

Monday night 3 women came over here for classs on 3D cards and here is what we made:
Strange looking card, eh?

 I think this little box is my favorite!
It seemed hard at first, but I know if I had the base already cut and scored I could make it easily.

 This baby rattle card could be for a boy or girl. The background paper looks like a baby blanket.
It shakes, we have glitter and beads inside. 
 Not a color combo I'd normally use, but it works.
 The cards look better in person, a photographer I am not. 

This is a pig, you might not be able to tell because mine is a little 'off'. 
I think she is still cute though!
 I love this simple birdhouse card too.
Once again we have glitter and beads in the hole for this shaker card.
I looks like a tent from the side (I forgot to snap a photo).

These are all Stampin' Up cards from my friend, Carolee, who is also my demonstrator. Thanks for allowing me to participate!!!!


  1. How clever! I adore I would have to say that's my favorite. But Linda, I had to chuckle at the baby rattle with colors you wouldn't have chosen...but it looks like CHOCOLATE...HaHa.. I watercolor, but I'm just all thumbs when it comes to cute crafty things like my hat's off to you and the gals.

  2. Those are all really cute. I could certainly tell that was a pig!!! You did a wonderful job, Linda. What fun and I am not much of a photographer either- xo Diana

  3. Those are all really cute! Now, it's too late to give me one for my birthday!

  4. They are so cute! Thanks for sharing