Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Dancing Darlings

 Well I have a bunch of new followers.....but this is certainly a heck of a way to boost my blog traffic.
Thank you Diana for your post and THANK all of you who commented. I do really appreciate connecting with you!!!!!
Right now I am sitting at the clinic with toxic drugs flowing into my body (isn't technology great?).  Like one kind soul told me "It's just medicine and will be over in a couple of months". I really like that and will be repeating it. 
I have to apologize to Cole and Ava just in case they read my blog before mom had a chance to talk to them. We both feel it unnecessary to worry the kids. But Amy is going to talk to them and explain things. I won't be able to hide it forever. Love you kids and  I WILL BE OK AND SURVIVE FOR MANY YEARS!!!
Diana, thanks for sending so many loving friends with prayers my way, I appreciate the info from 'the port will come out', to 'I'm a survivor', to the many prayers. 

Sunday I went to watch 2 of my granddaughters dance recital.
This is my daughter and her family.

Me and 'my girls'
When did Amy get taller than me?

We always go out to eat after the recital.
Ava ordered peanut butter & jelly pizza, I had never heard of it so had to have a pic for my blog. 
Bev, Thank you for dinner! The chocolate cake was delicious....and I did not share it. :-)
 Yes, the girl in the background is wearing her bathrobe. She wanted to leave her dance costume on and it was too cold with out the robe. Mom has enough confidence to let the children dress themselves and not worry about what other people will think. 

That was my Sunday, a long, fun day!!!!!


  1. Oh- I am so happy you got some well-wishers, Linda. It is good to have someone to cheer you on that has walked in your shoes. God bless you!

    Love the family pictures. We have a dance recital coming up, too. That should be lots of fun! I think the girls will be staying with me that weekend because their Mom has to go out of town on some business.

    Hope you have a good day and not too many side effects from the chemo, Linda. How often do you have to go? xo Diana

  2. Your attitude is wonderful. I am sure you are inspiring to many who are reading your blog. Your confidence I am sure is rooted in your love and your faith.
    Your family is a beautiful inspiration to get well.
    I will continue to keep you in my prayers. Blessings, Catherine

  3. Wonderful pictures! Dance recital days are so much fun. It is amazing what they can achieve in the course of a few months of lessons and some practice.