Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Greetings

It's been in the high 70's here so I spend most of the late morning & afternoon here.

 I'm not complaining, one bit!!
The other wives/girlfriends went along to the bowling alley this afternoon to watch the guys bowl. I did not go.....Kevin said he wouldn't want to sit and watch someone bowl for 3 hours so he didn't mind if I stayed here alone. 

 I am trying not to get burned so after about 3-4 hours I come in. I don't gamble so sometimes I'm just relaxing in the room. Yesterday I napped, today I watched TV
We had a big breakfast today- I had Belgian waffles with strawberries and a side of bacon (6 Pieces, wow!),  therefore my lunch today was gelato (chocolate, of course) and Gardettos. Soon it will be time for a shower and to get ready for dinner, we're going out for steaks, again.
Last night our dinner (for 10) was 'comped' by one of the guys in our party.
They say 'What happens in Reno stays in Reno.'

The weather for the rest of our stay isn't going to be quite so nice. I hope I can get out to the pool tomorrow!!


  1. I think just being away from home is a nice vacation. Love the mermaid.

  2. I think you will make the best of it.