Friday, May 21, 2010

Here's what I got today

Hooray! It's my day off. SIL came over at 8am for rhubarb cake and tea and to visit. It was a nice way to start the day. Later I met another friend for coffee/tea, but first I had to stop at the thrift store. I found a scooter for one of my grandsons (so many times I find just what I am looking for...I think God knows how much S would enjoy a scooter this summer when he comes over), a narrow planter that will work perfectly on my old ladder that I use as a planter, 2 books for me and 2 for my granddaughter, and 2 cheapo steak knives. The steak knives will be bent and used for weeding. I learned this from my mom and they work really good. I broke the one I was using yesterday. (see the knife on the bottom). All this for $4.50. A little later my bff (our Red Hat Queen mum) and I are visiting one of our RH friends who had knee surgery. After that we'll go out for the traditional Friday night fish fry. Our 'better halves' (?) are away on a golfing trip. Have a great weekend!!!!

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