Sunday, May 16, 2010

The book that made me cry.........

Is a large (12" X 18") coffee table book titled WE LOVE U GRANDMA. It is a late Mother's Day gift made my SS (E) and his 2 sons. P.1. We love you grandma cuz you plant flowers with us. P.2 We love you grandma cuz we fear the Red Hat Club! (dad's humor). P.3. We love you grandma cuz you do crafts with us. P.4. We love you grandma cuz you bake cookies with us! P.5. We love you grandma cuz you like chocolate like we do! P.6. We love you grandma cuz you read good books with us! P.7. We love you grandma cuz you always love us back! Dad sketched the corresponding pictures and wrote the boys thoughts and they painted it for me. It is a special book that I will always keep. I LOVE the handmade gifts from the heart.........I several from my other grandkids that I will always treasure too. I try to teach the kids that you don't have to spend money and buy something....a gift that you put your thoughts and time into is much more personal. Thank you so much E, S, & J!!!!

It was a nice, warm (finally) day today so after Sunday School SIL and I took the 3 boys to the park. It was a pretty good experience......they played most of the time by themselves and Michele and I got to relax. After I got home I decided to make meatballs and freeze them for use at a later time. (Something I NEVER do.) I had a brilliant idea and decided to BAKE them. Boy, that works!!!! No messy frying pan and they remain meat BALLS and not meat blobs. Try it, you'll like it!

Hmmmm, you're probably wondering what I got at yesterdays big rummage-o-rama???? A Pokemon chapter book for J, he loves Pokemon, an unusual geranium, some pink ribbon for crafting (out of the free box), a spiderman Halloween costume, and an overstuffed bag of baby clothes for $4. I probably shouldn't have bought the baby clothes, but I love to shop, find bargains, and give to others. My other grandkids are older and farther away so I don't always find things for them.

Tomorrow morning I will run a few errands then pick up J from school. I am positive we will stop at the library, he HAS to follow a routine. In the evening I will have both of the boys while mom and dad work.


  1. I knew what you were getting, as J told me....neener, neener, neener!

  2. yeah, but I started to cry as I read the last pages........and then E called to say "our project made you cry". I hope H took some of it in and will start to understand?????