Monday, June 7, 2010

The day's not over yet

Good Monday's evening already????? Guess so. I set my alarm so I could be up early to go with the 4K class on their field trip to the school forest. I've never been there. We hiked to the beach for a scavenger hunt and then the kids played in the new outdoor play area. It was a perfect day for it........the mosquitoes thought so too. Everyone was full of insect repellent so no one got bit. :-) Grandson J came home with me and after lunch we planted some geraniums and watered the other flowers. I am happy to report that I also got down the screens from the garage attic and put some of them on. It's suppose to warm up later this week, so now I can have some fresh air. We don't have AC and seldom need it in the part of the state we live in. (I have a room AC unit in the upstairs bedroom for those rare HOT nights). White I was up and digging around in the garage I found the box of Legos I knew we had saved from when J's dad was a kid. J had fun building this afternoon and both boys will be able to build on Thursday, when I babysit again.

Hubby is spending the week in Texas for work. Why??? I am not sure........his company flew 8 men down there. They will have to be fed and have rooms for 4 nights. Oh well.....Guess my evenings will be quiet, no complaints from me.

Nothing else exciting planned for the week, just working Tues, Wed, Fri. and babysitting for part of the day on Thursday.

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