Friday, June 4, 2010

What's on my mind today

It's been a busy week here, but that is not unusual.
Last week Thursday I and my bff decided to pick up grandson J from school and hit a few garage sales. I didn't find much but J sure did, I can't afford to take him to many garage sales, he always finds something!
Saturday I spent the greater part of the day planting (flowers mainly). After that I eked out a bit of time to read on the deck before grandson J came to spend the night.
Sunday we went to church and then I took the boys, along with my SIL and her 6 year old to the Alpaca farm open house. It's a small event but the boys love it, they are fascinated by the spinning, so I let them watch and learn. After that we all came over here and the 3 boys played with the super soakers (squirt guns). It was a rare warm day here.
Monday we had the first cookout of the season, whew! got that out of the way. We had good weather and a nice time (although there are a couple of kids and adults who just bring out the worst in the other.....grrrrr). The good thing is my BIL's girlfriend had a 16" bike that I really needed for grandson S and the best part is hubby paid for it!!! woo hoo. S is so happy that he has a bike to ride when he comes over here.
Wednesday night I babysat for S & J. The first part of the evening was horrible, J disagreed with EVERYTHING and I was ready to send him to his other grandparents but then things changed and he got along perfectly with his brother. They love to do craft projects and Father's Day is approaching so I decided to make dad a coaster. Lowe's had biscuit 4" x 4" tiles on sale for .08 so I bought 10 of them. The boys used Sharpie markers to draw a picture. I'll seal them and put felt on the bottom and VIOLA!, a nice gift for dad.
Yesterday I had a early appointment, and therefore time to kill before I picked J up from school. I stopped at a couple of garage sales (didn't find anything worth posting) and the thrift store (where I saw a friend and we visited for a bit). I went back to Lowe's to get more tiles for future grandkid (or my) projects, the tiles were only .05!!!! On the way home we stopped at the library's book sale and got a few books and movies. Lastly we stopped at the thrift store in town were I found a perfect clear plastic box with handle for my markers (it matches a square one I already have)................well J took it for his 'memory box'. :-( He put a bunch of his treasures in it, including the Pokemon Sandtrue he just got.........I wanted it!!! but didn't have the heart to tell him he couldn't have it. He has been talking about making 'memory jars' for a long time and I just haven't had the proper container for it.
And that brings us to yesterday afternoon..............GRRR and double GRRRRR. The woman that was hired at work in March (that I was so intimidated by) called to say she can only work 10 days a month. So that means I have to pick up the slack??? When I go on vacation I have to work extra days to make up for it??? NOT FAIR!!! I am not happy, I am willing to work extra days when she goes on vacation or if something happens but I was hired to work my scheduled days and I can, she can't work hers. :-(
Today is rainy, we need it but won't get enough by the sound of the weatherman's prediction.
Sunday is the airshow. My daughter and her family are coming for it so I hope the sun shines.
Monday I am chaperoning J's 4k class when they go to the school forest. I have never been there so am looking forward to it.
Well, did I spill my guys enough for you!!!!

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