Monday, October 5, 2009

Pet Peeves

My top 10 pet peeves (in no particluar order)
* people who ask "Can you borrow me some (whatever it is)." I lend, you borrow.
* people who can't park in the parking lot on the diagonal, they just pull up even to the car on the side of are suppose to pull up to the line.
* people who expect you to return their call when they don't leave a message. Just b/c I see your number on my caller ID doesn't mean I will call you back, in fact I will not.
* husbands who use the last of the toilet paper and don't put a new roll on.
* husbands who squeeze the toothpaste at the front and the whole back of the tube is full but you can't get anything out because there's nothing by the end.
* people who drive with their parking lights on.........they are PARKING lights.
* people who hang up on me when I answer the phone at work in my most pleasant voice (I try to be pleasant)
* husbands who eat the snacks you bought for the grand kids
* the 'newfangled' car remotes that you have to charge so you can get into your car w/o setting off the alarm. (this is a love/hate relationship)
* parents who don't put caps on their babies & toddlers

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