Monday, October 12, 2009

Good News, Bad News

Good News: Saturday I took my 2 grandsons to the 'pumpkin festival' at Festival Foods. It was chilly but it was a very nice FREE event. There were 2 bounce houses, (one an obstacle course and just a jumping one for younger kids), free apple cider and hot chocolate, free rides in their BIG shopping cart, a brat & a soda for $1, and lots of pumpkins for sale. The boys had a great time and it didn't cost me much!!!
Bad News: While riding in the big shopping cart my digital camera fell out of my pocket.
Good News: Someone found it and turned it in.
Bad News: The camera is broken.
Good News: The memory card is fine.
Bad News: I have to buy a new camera.
Good News: I found one on clearance that meets all of my criteria.
Bad News: When I got home I found that the sales clerk put the wrong camera in the box.
Good News: I can get the right camera tomorrow on my lunch hour.
More Good News: The battery from my old camera is the same one as my new camera, so now I have a back up battery. Great!!!!

I am so thankful that there were honest people at that great family event who turned my camera in to the courtesty counter. Thank You!


  1. That really sucks that you had to go buy another new camera.

  2. yes, it does..........I liked my little one. I got a good deal on another little one (end of the season clearance and display model reductions). the good news is that the battery from my broken camera works in my new camera. What are the chances of that happening????