Friday, February 5, 2010

Thursday was a busy day!

First I stopped at the thrift store and ran into Tracey, that's been happening for 2 weeks. :-) I got: a crocheted top for me, 2 shirts for my grandson, a LIKE NEW pair of Mudd flats (pictured above), like new WI Badger cap (for my grandson), one of those baby books the child can chew on and makes crackling noises, and a tiny rubber duck.......for $5.25. Sometimes I get really lucky!
Then I picked my 4-1/2 year old grandsonfrom school at 11 and we went to Walmart, and finally home. We worked on his Valentine card for mom & dad. This is the inside, he punched the butterflies, notice how symmetrical he glued everything???? Under the blue heart in the middle: pink butterfly, flower, green butterfly, and finally the blue heart. In the center of the large flower (that grandma cut free hand) he glued a pink heart and a leaf smack dab in the center. I have 2 kids craft books that he loves to look at and pick out his next craft, we have made several things. Last night I had both boys while mom & dad worked. We made: paper bag turkeys and clay items. One boy was able to make an octopus for show and tell in school today (it is 'O' day today). They both made hand prints. I made the clay with salt & flour. After I was able to sweep the floor we read 7 books.............and by the time they went home after 9PM I was beat!
I am still learning my new computer. It is not easy to open photos like I used to. I will figure that out tho. I was fooling.... around I noticed that my documents and photos from my old computer have been restored. WOOHOO I started a back up of my old computer at That is a fantastic site, check it out. Many computer geeks recommend it. It didn't get totally finished so I am not sure what has all been restored.......but I will check later.
Today I am going in to work for a couple of hours. Since our office manager retired I have been given more duties. I don't mind, I like the challenge.

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