Monday, February 1, 2010

Sometimes I am so blond......

Even though I am a redhead I am really blond some days. The other day I started an account online, today I tried to log onto it........but.....I put a [.com] after my address and not [.net]. For some reason I want to do that. Jeepers.........guess I will call them later and see if they can change it. Saturday I went grocery shopping (so I could make enchiladas for my nephew & his family for supper-Danny got me a new computer: hooked it up and a wireless router and helped hubby with his notebook). Anyway I carried my groceries into the house and when I unpacked the last bag (plastic) I noticed 'water' dripping down the counter and a puddle on my floor. It wasn't water, it was the bathroom cleaner. GR)*%?<#@ One half of the container leaked out. At least it didn't happen in my car. Oh well. Enough 'blond stories' for today.
P.S. My daughter in law is blond too (in reality).........anyway someone figured wrong and she is only 6 weeks along, baby is due Sept 20. That works much better for Jessica's wedding!!! :-)

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