Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A little of this and a little of that

I haven't been posting because nothing has been happening here. This past weekend we had a family of cats outside, a mother and 5 kittens. They were pretty big already. I LOVED the calico one and wanted him. Hubby says they are wild and I can't feed them. Although I am not an animal lover like my mom and sister I still hate to see animals go hungry. Maybe they have moved on by now.
Saturday Deb and I took my 2 youngest grandsons to help celebrate my oldest granddaughters birthday. I missed the party because of our 'girls get away weekend'. The kids had a good time, we had a nice visit with Connie.
Sunday night we went to my step-sons for a turkey dinner. They made a really nice meal.
Prayers are needed for my sister who is a single mom living on disability and always has health and money problems. She is doing a great job with her son and helps with our mom when it is needed (she lives closeby).
It's pretty quiet where hubby works.........they need an order and are expecting to get one soon.......but won't start until February.....huh???? I don't understand either. The company has laid off the crew every other week. At least that way all the employees can keep the insurance. :-)
I know you are thinking "when is she going to post some cards? or craft projects?" I am wondering the same thing. First of all I need to clean off my stamping table and then I can get to work! Believe me, I WANT to do some stamping and scrapbooking!
Last, but not least: HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!

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  1. Thank you sis for thinking of me.((HUGS))