Monday, November 2, 2009

Another week begins

Good Monday Morning!
It was a busy weekend here. I picked up my (nearly) 9 year old granddaughter about noon on Friday. She lives about 1-3/4 hours away. Later that afternoon I picked up the 2 boys and took all the kids to the magic show at the library. I have some brave grandkids......2 of them volunteered and were chosen to assist the magician. Saturday T & decorated for the Halloween "party" at my house that afternoon. The boys came over and we played a couple of games then the kids got into their costumes (photos will be posted later) and we went to great-grandmas. Trick or Treating started at 4:30 and it was a chilly day so we layered .......the kids and me were not too cold. We were joined by Michele and Nathan, and Heather and Eastin. The boys tuckered out early so we came home to warm up, but then Eastin and Heather took my granddaughter (who was not ready to quit) and the boys out longer. I was hungry and didn't want to eat too much candy so I made an impromptu dinner for us and Michele. Everyone went home early, but I did have my 4 year old grandson and granddaughter spend the night. They play together really good so it's no trouble. By 9pm we were all in bed...............ahhhhhhhhhhh. Sunday morning we had a lazy start. We stayed home from church and just hung out. The kids got grandpa to take them to the park across the street but they decided it was boring so came back home. They played outside in the leaves and then decided to put on a magic show for me.......after they carved the pumpkins. And that means I carved pumpkins. I hadn't done it before Halloween b/c I didn't have time, but they made sure I did yesterday. So here were are sitting on the wet ground, in my front yard, carving pumpkins. The sun was out so it wasn't really too bad, I had fun with them. T dug the guts out with her bare hands.........ewwww. J wouldn't touch it, he doesn't like to get his hands dirty. Oh well. They had fun. When the kids are here I try to let them do what they want. They put on their magic show. Then we rushed around to pack up the car, stopped at Aunt Debbie's to get their Halloween treats, stopped at McDonald's for lunch and were off to T's house. Those 2 kids in the back seat were hilarious.......just listen to little kids conversations once, it'll keep you in stitches! We had to stay for a 'little while' at T's house so J could play with T and her brother. Fortunately we missed the Packer football traffic on the way home. J was asleep shortly after we left. On the way home I saw 2 deer, one a big buck (at least 6 points) crossed in front of me, the other one was running in the ditch facing me. Thank you God for keeping them away from my car. J slept all the way home. I finally got home after 7.......was I tired, until I went to bed, then I was wide awake! Now I need to get dressed and I am off to read in my grandson's 4K class. After school he's coming with me while his mom starts her new job. Wish her luck!
later, gator

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