Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Stamping Up North

 Last week my friend, Carolee, and I spent a few days up north in Minocqua, Wi to take some stamping classes at Stamp This Scrap That. 
I apologize for being missing in action for so long, I haven't felt like sitting down in front of my computer for any length of time. I've been packing and unpacking, attempting some creative things, trying to straighten up here........keeping busy.
One of the things we made is this Halloween book, I love it! I am working on a Christmas one. I am hoping Carolee, as Stampin' Up demonstrator (her blog) will hold a class to make this folder book. It's made with one, plain manilla folder. 
The front and the back are the same, we just added some Stickles glitter to jazz the front up a bit. The photos do not do it justice.
 The zig zag background is Washi tape. 
Here it is opened up.

 The bottom is unfolded. The green square on the right doesn't unfold because it is a pocket.
 This shows the top squares unfolded.
I know it's hard to see and explain on here. I do have directions if anyone would like them. I am not sure if they are understandable if you can not see the product. 
 Button art was another class. 
 We weren't sure what to expect, it was more fun than we thought it would be. 

 If you have enough buttons it would be an easy project to do with children. Need to know how to do it?
These are 5 x 7" frames, remove the glass, we used burlap as a background, trace the shape onto your background, lay down a thick layer of glue, add the buttons and Viola!
 We also made a bunch of cards.

 We had a great time at the store with the ladies who run it, at the classes, and just getting away. While we were there they had a 50% off sale on everything in the store! It started the 2nd day we were lucky were we? We shopped for 3 days.
Come back again....more about our trip in the future.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Halloween Cards

 Last week my girlfriend came over one night and we made Halloween cards. I have 9 grandchildren and have enough for each one of them and for  friends.

It was fun and I actually got into card making mode. I haven't made cards in a long time.

As I was putting them away I found about 8 more I have plenty. 

I hope I remember not to make any next year!!!
This afternoon I put away the Halloween/fall stamps and started cleaning my area (once again, it is a never ending process or one that never gets finished).
Maybe, while I am in the mood, I should pull out my Christmas stamps??? I did make 2 Christmas cards at the Stamp- a- long on monday. Those will show up at a later date.
Have a good, relaxing weekend!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Thoughts On Thursday

My first thought is that I'm glad I know it's thursday! 
When I wake up in the morning I often have to stop and think 'What day is it?' 
Someones I think about what hubby did the day before, it used to be did he golf? (twice a week), now I wonder if he bowled....that means it's friday. Kinda sad that I have to depend on his activities to determine what day it is. Never fear, I have plenty on my's just that I don't have to get up for work so when I wake up I'm not sure what day it is. Is this weird or does anyone else suffer from this affliction????

I used to be a redhead and inside I still am!

I am so angry at myself. Tuesday afternoon I could have attended 2 different sporting events for grandchildren, and there was also a cancer support meeting that I really wanted to go to. I just had to find out what location it would be at, they switch meeting places every month. I totally forgot about it, I was thinking of it in the afternoon....but like often happens, if it's after supper I'll just forget...and I did. (sad face)
When I peruse the thrift stores I look at almost everything....that's why I prefer our small St Vinnie's in town. Anyway, I sometimes see turbans or hats that would work for chemo patients. As I look at those I get a sick feeling in my stomach....remembering, feeling bad for those people who owned the head covering and for those who will purchase it for future use. I get that same feeling when I walk in the back door of the medical building for an INR. It just smells so strongly of cancer drugs. It's hard to handle. I have physical therapy in the same building and use the front door for that appointment. Unfortunately I still have to walk toward and look down the hallway leading to the cancer treatment area. 
Been there, done that, praying I don't have to do it again.
That's what I'm thinkin' about today.
Thanks for letting me share with you.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Fall Is In The Air

 I had to pick up my grandsons at a local park yesterday. My bff came along with me and we were early so we walked around a little. We decided to look at the beach...actually I am drawn to the beach, and neither one of had seen it before. The first thing we saw was this pretty little bridge.
 As you look down you can see the water is quite shallow. I bet this is a very small stream when it's dry.
 Here's the view from the other side, looking toward Lake Michigan.

The leaves are turning and falling............this one posed so nicely for me.

Some kind of fall berries I am sure the birds like.

The next several photos are of the beach area. It's pretty secluded and I had the place all to myself this morning...just me and the wind. 

Yes, I was there yesterday with my bff but we had to leave before I really got to look around. This morning I had some time so I drove back over to the park to take some photos. .....and to pick up some nice, flat stones. (Mom would be so proud.) I have plans for an art project. 

Bright, yellow goldenrod. I had a photo of one with a bee, but this one is clearer.

I didn't know what to write in the I opted for the month and year. On my way back to that area it was all you can see the tide almost got it in this photo.

Pretty little yellow flower growing peacefully in the sand.

 I found a few of these little, purple flowers in the grass.

The trees are turning color.

Is your week off to a great start? Mine is! The massage therapy for the blocked lymph nodes is helping, my injured toe is better (I can walk now), and the tomatoes are ripening. I'll be back in a day or 2. Have a wonderful autumn week!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Moments with Mackenzie

Our youngest granddaughter spent a couple of days with us last month; 1/2 of the week here and 1/2 with her other grandma....who lives near them. Essentially she is an only child, she does have a 1/2 sister who is about 11 years older and lived with her mother most of the time. M is very energetic, outgoing, and opinionated. 
She's kind of a hypochondriac too....guess she learned that from her older sister. 
She loves her 'papa', even tho we don't see her very often. I am not used to calling him papa. That's what she's always called him. I am 2nd fiddle in her problem. 
I just love this photo of her.

Her first day of 2nd grade photo.

what's with the pose? 
I'm not good at entertaining children all of the time. She was good at finding something to do and even putting this small trampoline away when she finished with it. 

Even though papa doesn't put much effort into grandparenting they had some good times.

She was visiting for one full day and 2 half days. I had invited her 3 cousins to come over and play one day, but grandson J couldn't come b/c he was being punished. So....I thought...and told grandson S that if all 3 couldn't come over then no one could. Their mom has been forcing that upon me so I got stubborn and tried it on her. She was very angry....I won't go into details...but J hasn't been over here for 3 punish me or him??? Please pray that we can be civil to each other and resolve this issue. If he doesn't come here then he doesn't get to church or Sunday School.

We both cried when none of the boys could come over. I was trying to think of something to do to get her mind off of the situation. We decided to go to the playground across the street. We chanted "we are fun girls!" and I really tried hard to play with her. I went down the slide....and I am not a tiny person, I swang, and even climbed onto the monkey bars (above). She wanted me to slide down the pole (it was more like jumping) so I did....sorta. She made an hilarious video of me on the monkey bars....and laughed and laughed. I was happy to make her laugh. 

I can tell she is from hubby's side of the family. 
She likes to eat junk food, can be argumentative, and is a bit more 'high maintenance' as Ava would put it. She HAS to sleep with the TV on all night. We argued about the cost of braces, the correct way to pronounce data, and whether or not she is young. It was not angry arguing, just discussing. 
One night she said her foot hurt and couldn't walk on it. I couldn't see anything wrong, Kev couldn't see anything wrong. We just gave her some ice and told her to keep it elevated. She thought she might need the crutches we saw at the thrift store earlier in the day. Every now and then she'd get up and show us a dance we were not concerned. The next morning she was fine. 
Silly girl!
So much to do and so little time. 
I want to get to some of the grands sports activities...but I injured my little toe last night and am trying to stay off it it as much as possible. Besides that I usually have 1 or 2 other things on my calendar for the days they have an event.
Does life ever slow down?
I am just glad that I feel well enough to do some of the things on my calendar. 
Hope you're having a great weekend!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Is A Picture Worth A Thousand Words?

I think it is.
And these are my thoughts this thursday.
His family says he talks back and fights with his brothers. I am sure he does....isn't that part of childhood? His father was disagreeable too. What I see is a boy who is different from his older brother (they have different fathers but have not been told the truth). The older boy is more easy going.....and the 'baby' is the BABY and can do no wrong in his mom's eyes. 

 See how he often leans in toward his brother?

 Yes, he holds the arm of his younger brother too.
Looks like a look of love to me. 

 Again touching one of his cousins. 

 He has his arm around dad (above) and his cousin (below) .

I see a boy who shows love, even when he is disagreeable. 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Even Though You Might Think It's Over..... (I) realize that it's never going to be over. My mindset is that of "I've had the chemo, surgery, now the cancer is gone". The cancer MAY be gone...but I still have repercussions. I admit, I feel REALLY good! I'm soooo thankful!!! I'm finally enjoying retirement. 
I bought these capris to wear to our Red Ht hawaiian luau in July, but they were so comfy nd looked good so I decided that is  perfectly respectable outfit to wear. I would never have worn this when I was 30 pounds heavier.....but I like to be unique. (my mom called me  thoroughbred)
OK, I know I'll always have the CHF (congestive heart failure)...sounds scary, huh? Does to me too, but it is under control nd as long as I follow my diet nd take my meds I'm not concerned. I'm NOT one to worry. 
Two months go I noticed some changes in my right breast (swelling, red, burning). I finally had  the chance to talk to my surgeon nd she recommended physical therapy. PT you're wondering??? I was too. The problem is blocked lymph nodes, nd the spot needs to be 'massaged' to get the fluid moving to other nodes. The condition is called peau d'orange breast edema. Most people get in in their rms....but, of course, I get it elsewhere. I'm doing it at home nd have 3 or 4 sessions left with the therapist. 
Yesterday I had my dexa scan, the call just came this morning from the nurse today stating that I have osteopenia (thinning of the bones possibly from the chemo). My primary doctor is not here anymore so I have an appointment with  physicians assistant coming up...will 
call her later today nd she what she wants to do. Nope, I guess it never ends. I was just thinking that I was going to try to get off my antidepressant b/c I m feeling so good....but I'm not sure now. These 2 new side effects................
I'm usually pretty upbeat & will continue to keep that mindset. When I think back about last year I wonder how I did it. about all I can remember is being sooo tired & not wanting to et. Somehow I got through it nd here I m just as silly as ever!!!!
Nope, it will never be over. 
Some people have more medical problems nd some have less, I'll deal with what I have. 
Thanks for stopping by!!!!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

A Thrifting We Will Go.....

Oh, so you think I have just been lazing around reading and eating bon bons.....well you're not too far off. 
I have been lazy, reading...but no bon bons.....some chocolate when I have it. 
Want see some of my finds? This shopping has been done over  period of almost 2 months...just don't want you thinking that I scooped up all of these great goodies last week. 
This imitation Thirty One bag ws .50. I still like it and I'm sure I'll make good use of it. 
The white Naturalizer sandals were $5. I don't have any dressier white sandals, just flip flops.

I just had to have this wooden turtle pen holder for $1.

I know, I know I didn't need another purse, but for $1.50 I picked it up and brought it home. I have to switch quite often. 

I've been wanting some 'scrf  jewelry' but I'm not bout to pay full price for I found this coral piece attached to some really ugly scarf type necklace for .50 or $1.00. I tossed the necklace piece and put it on the scarf I made at the library. I've been wearing more coral lately, so this works pretty good. 

This Chico's jacket was on clearance for .95. I think it will work well for this fall. 

Close up of the details. 

Since my hair has changed color, so has much of my clothing. I picked up some colorful tops. 

These were $1 or $2 each....I can't remember. 

This red, sparkly top will be good for Christmas or Red Htting. 

One day children's clothing ws, that's not  typo.
I picked up this size 14-16 lightweight jacket and pair of jogging pants for my grandson.

Some shirts for my granddaughters....

They're wrinkled because I didn't wash them.
If they girls like them mom will wash the shirts. 

I picked up 2 baskets for my gardening adventures...(buy one, get one free), shoebox size container, 2 pairs of shoes for grandson J ($1 or $2-he says he can use one for gym and keep one pair here, he appreciates doesn't give  hoot), some huge vellum leaves (.50) for scrapbooking,  plastic 12 x 12 'envelope' for scrapbook pages  & makeup. It's the white, shiny orb on the lower right. 

This is the make up....brand new compact of powder.... perfect color for me. ($2 or $3). I love it.

I know there are more little things, but this is enough.....right????
Seems like I have errands to run almost every day. I thought I was all done and could stay home thursday and friday....well....I forgot to get some money for the I was gone once gin. I have to drive past the thrift store on my way guess where my car automatically pulls in??? 
On the bright side I have been dropping off quite  few bags of things too. Cleaning out my kid's stuff and soon my fall clothing will become downsized. Last fall I was too sick to give  darn. 
Thanks for shopping with me!!!!